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Boarding Details

We do not charge by the weight of your dog….we have one flat fee for boarding because we feel that regardless of the size of your dog, all dogs require the same love and attention. In our eyes, no matter if they are big, medium or small, they all need to be fed, played with, loved on, “picked up after”, cuddled, pet, tummy-rubbed and talked to, etc.!!!!! As a bonus, we do NOT charge extra for playtime as that is the MOST rewarding part of the day for us. Our energetic Staff/”PET CREW” will be there all day & early evening to play with your K9 kid, teach them some agility, or just sit and pet them. We do not charge to administer meds.

We live on the property and spend most of our day entertaining the dogs…or is it the other way around?

We do require a $100 deposit that will be deducted from you bill when you check out.  If you cancel within 7 days before drop off your deposit will be forfeited.  Thank you!

What to Bring

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR PET’S OWN FOOD when they come to stay with us to ensure they have no digestive problems during their stay. Also, we recommend bringing extra in case your trip gets delayed. When you bring your dog’s food, please label the food with dog’s name, amount and how many servings per day. “Your dog will love you for this”!!

You do not need to bring your dog bowls unless they have a slow feeder.  We provide regular bowls for your dog. 

If you bring toys, please limit to 5 toys and be sure to label them with your last name.

We do NOT charge for the administration of any medicine, but you will need to bring detailed instructions concerning dosage and times.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in and Check-out times are by appointment only (we try to stagger times to limit the amount of people in the lodge at one time)


Hours: 8am – 5pm every day.  (there is a $20 surcharge to drop off before 9am, as we are very busy with breakfast routine).


Closed 12pm-1pm for lunch (Please respect our lunch hour as this is the only time the Pet Crew has to refuel)


If you pick up before 1:30PM there is no charge for that day!!

If you pick up after 1:30PM you will charged for the whole day. 


•  We would appreciate it if you could try to be on time. If you are running late please give a quick phone call to let us know.

•  We require appointments for drop off and pick up. We do this to try and stagger times so your wait time to check in is minimal

Holiday Drop-off and Pick-up

Its no fun to be home without your pups!  That's why we are open every single day of the year! So this allows you to pick up your pups on weekends and even holidays. 

add $25.00 HOLIDAY surcharge on major holidays such as New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There will be a Holiday Fee added to your bill if you must pick up or drop off your dog on these holidays.

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