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  • What are your business hours?
    8:00AM - 5:00PM We are closed for lunch from 12:00-1:00PM We start drop-off and pick up from 9-4 (except during our lunch hour). There is a $25 late check-out surcharge if you pick up after 1:30PM WE ARE OPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR! There is a $25 fee to drop off or pick up on New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.(this would be in addition to any latecheckout surcharge) We kindly ask that you please respect our business hours. There are no after-hour pick ups or drop offs.
  • Can I set up a tour?
    We do not require that you tour our facility, however we recommend that you bring them by to sniff around and meet our pet crew. If your dog is a bit skittish or shy we do require that you bring them by for a tour so they can get used to us.
  • Do I bring my dog's own food?
    We do require that you bring plenty of food. Feel free to send extra incase you trip home gets delayed. We have a refridgerator and a microwave. So please feel free to bring anything your dog is used to having at home.
  • How often will my dog get out to play?
    We start at 8am letting dogs out for their morning potty break while breakfast is being fed. After that, they will get out a least every two hours to sniff around, hob knob with the pet crew, play, swim, fetch, frisbee or do some agility. We close at 5pm, however, we come back to let them out before bedtime anywhere from 9pm - 11pm.
  • Will my dogs be in the playfield with other dogs?
    Typically we do not do play groups. However, if we have friendly dogs that like to play with other dogs we will only with owner's permission and at our discretion. Please know that they will get plenty of human attention!!!
  • Do you administer medications?
    Absolutely! Just write down specific instructions and we will take care of it. Also, we do not charge for this.
  • Do you have a groomer?
    We have a part time groomer and your dog does NOT need to be boarding with us in order for your dog to be groomed. She is very talented! We do offer a good old fashioned smell good bath and blow dry and/or nail trims everyday.
  • Can I bring my dogs bed and toys?
    YES YES YES! Please bring his favorite bed, blankets, toys and treats! Please label everything. We ask that you do not bring any treats that he/she hasn't had before. We don't want them to get an upset stomach. If it fits thru the door you can bring it!
  • Do you have video cameras?
    We have 13 surveillance cameras for security only. We do not have cameras that you will access to. However, we can take pictures and videos while your dog is with us. We want you to enjoy your trip and not worry about logging on to see your dog. You dog is in good hands and is probably having more fun that you! :)
  • Do you offer daycare?
    We do not specialize in day care however we do offer it if we have availability.
  • How does your pricing work?
    You are not charged for the last day of board if you pick up by 1:30PM. After that you will be charged for a full day.
  • Is there a Deposit?
    Yes. There is $100 deposit that will be deducted from your bill upon checkout. If you cancel within 7 days before arrival date your deposit is forfeited and cannot be transferred to another reservation.
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