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K9 Cabins

​Nestled right in the heart of our 12 wooded acres, My husband and I (with some help from our Architect) have specifically designed these log cabins for your pets comfort and enjoyment and additionally to put your mind at ease while your dog cannot be with you. The cabins are 8×10′ indoor with an 8×10′ outdoor covered patio that they will have access to. So your K9 Kid has plenty of room to stretch out or walk around, in addition to our pet crew taking them to the playing field approximately every two hours to play and/or to go potty. We welcome you to schedule an appointment to bring your K9 kid by to sniff around and check out the facility even prior to your boarding.

We have twenty 8′x10′ individual cabins, in which we have installed low windows for dog’s eye view. Each cabin has a doggie door that leads to an 8′x10′ covered patio, which is accessible all day long. The patio, attached to each cabin is fully fenced with a fenced top and a corrugated roofing for them to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather doesn’t cooperate!


Rates and Services

Overnight Stays

1 Dog:                                  $50/day

2 Dogs (shared cabin):      $70/day 

3 Dogs (shared cabin):      $80/day

4+ Dogs(shared cabin):     $25/day per                                               dog

There is a late check out surcharge of $30.00 if pick up is after 1:30pm.

There is Holiday surcharge of $25 to drop off/pick up on Major Holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

* No charge for medication! Just bring us detailed           instructions.


Call 704-528-3517 to schedule a groom!! Our groomer is very talented and gentle and is great at scissoring, shaving and fancy cuts too! 

Call for pricing!

Call 704-528-3517 for an appointment.  Your dog does not have to be boarding to be groomed.

Bath and Blowdry Only

Because our groomer is part-time, The K9 Cabins offers a good old fashioned bath and blow dry or nail trim every day of the year!

More details here

We sometimes offer free baths after your dogs is for 10 days or more, at our discretion

5x7 Photo is $15.  We can do a photo upon request while your dog is staying with us. To see more fun photos click on our Instagram tab at the top of the page!

Pet Portraits


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